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Pierre-Yves Colin

Pierre-Yves Colin

PhD student
Joined the lab: I have joined the lab on October 2011
Background and Current Projects: I studied Biochemistry (Master 1) at the University Claude Bernard in Lyon, France. Then I continued with an engineer degree specialised in biochemical engineering at INSA Toulouse. In 2010 I did an internship at the University of Sydney in Dr Sunde's Lab, working on Hydrophobins, proteins that form amyloid-like structures. In 2011, my final internship was focused on transporters involved in Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence, with Dr Chalut at IPBS-CNRS in Toulouse.
My PhD in the lab is focused on using a High-Throughput screening method to find catalysts on metagenomes. The protein will be used as a starting-point to study its enzymatic mechanism and to study its promiscuity properties.
Interests: I am particularly interested in History, and to discover it while travelling. I am also keen on Sports, especially Football.
Contact email: pyc28 (please add